I am no authority on Scripture. I only write them to provoke thought, perhaps, so that readers can look up the Scriptures too, and perhaps learn.  Everyone should know for themselves why they think what they do.  And I leave these here – things that have helped me – to help other people seek the Lord too.  I’ll be adding more of these as I’m able. May you all be blessed.

Faith-based Resources


Hearing from God – a series of six 1-2 hour lectures of listening prayer, listening for the Lord’s voice as one prays, similar to Mark Virkler
Grace Sermons – sermons from speakers at the Grace Fellowship churches


Biblegateway – access to many Bible versions online and in other languages
Strong’s Concordance with Greek and Hebrew lexicon – useful for getting into what some passages and/or words mean in their original languages
Living Stream Ministries – part of a ministry started by Watchman Nee, full of online books, Bible translations, devotionals etc

Ebooks by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee
The Economy of God by Witness Lee online – speaks about the parts of man from Scripture, how to hear the Lord, how to follow the Spirit


Practicing the Presence of God – 96 pg – Brother Lawrence – speaking of one monk’s habit of praying continually, loving Him constantly
Draw the Circle: 40 Day Prayer Challenge – 240 pg – Mark Batterson – changed my life, especially revolutionizing my prayer life
Waking the Dead – 256 pg – John Eldridge – hearing Him, healing, prayer, among other; he does not have the parts of man down exactly right
The Economy of God – 212 pg – Witness Lee – speaks about the parts of man from Scripture, how to hear the Lord, how to follow the Spirit
Grace Walk – 189 pg – Steve McVey – how to walk in grace and love instead of religious law

Recommended reading list, in order, for those new to the topics:

1) Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence
2) Grace Walk by Steve McVey
3) Draw the Circle
4) Waking the Dead
5) The Economy of God (this is one book in a longer series and very meaty)
6) Dialogue with God by Mark Virkler