About Me


Core:  I am married to John Petree, the most wonderful guy I know, and am a follower of Jesus, who means everything to me.

Career: PhD in Chemistry at Emory University, biomolecular division, from the Salaita lab, on a gene therapy project


I defended my thesis and achieved a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Emory University, in the biological division, working with Prof. Khalid Salaita (Dept. of Chemistry, BME and Winship Cancer Institute).  My research interests include using nanotechnology in applications for drug delivery and gene therapy.  I desire to explore the chemical / bio interface and how nanoparticles interact with a cell’s biology.  

I was married to John Petree my freshman year of college on December 27, 2007.  I got my B.S. in biochemistry and molecular biology Magna Cum Laude from the University of Georgia (UGA) in December 2011.  At UGA, I worked for two years in a genetics lab with Dr. Kushner under the research scientist Bijoy Mohanty studying the 3′ end processing of E.coli tRNAs.  I eventually received a second author publication for this work. 

In May 2013, I joined the lab of Khalid Salaita at Emory University for my PhD work.  During the course of my studies, I won the ARCS Foundation Scholarship and received Honorable Mention for the NSF.  During my 4th year, my son Isaiah was born on December 16, 2016.  I’ve presented at Emory, Georgia Tech and am scheduled to present at the Biophysical Society Meeting in February 2018, as well as the Biomaterials meeting in Atlanta, GA.  My career goal is to be a career student mentor, getting young minds into research early.  I’m also interested in science writing, writing about science for all types of audiences, especially research at the nano / bio interface.


Interests: scientific research, writing, reading, Biblical studies, Star Wars

34 things I love:  hanging around John and family, thinking about science, talking with Khalid, reading, writing SF/fantasy, dressing up as a Jedi, spending time with Ms. Harmon, Dr. Saadein, Dr. Parker and Dr. Shapiro at Oxford college; SWTOR gaming, Celtic music, listening to almost any live instruments, going to plays and/or concerts, exploring old paths in the woods, taking walks, climbing rocks; sitting in a solitary place outside, thinking, talking to God, and listening to the world; thunderstorms, wind, driving rain, fires in fireplaces, cats, lizards, fuzz on leaves, anything fuzzy, squishy things, mushrooms, interesting mold, sweet tea, fudge, tadpoles, looking at pollen under my microscope, collecting leaves and rocks, tromping in streams and lakes, a nerd board game night, laughing at John’s silly phrases…

My Personality:  INTJ (Jung and Briggs Myers)

1) INTJ Dynamics/At Work
2) INTJs, a Humorous Look
3) Other

INTJ Facts

  • Third rarest type in population; rarest among women (0.8-1%)
  • Types that harmonize best w/ INTJ: ENFP, INFJ 

John’s personality:  INFJ

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INFJ Facts

  • Rarest of all types, especially among men (1%)