Science: SFB conference update!

SFB Conference Update!

I have really been enjoying the Society for Biomaterials conference!  There is a lot of great work here going on at the nano / bio interface.  A lot more people are working with hydrogels and wound healing than I would have assumed too.  It’s amazing!  I got to talk to companies who deal with hydrogels and the measuring of hydrogel and tissue stiffness.  It’s been quite fun as well to talk to people during the poster sessions.  I learned a lot.  I got to hear Dr. Jordan Green  from Johns Hopkins give a talk yesterday.  I also heard several interesting talks on gene and mRNA delivery techniques using nanoparticles.  It was all in all a great conference.  I highly recommend this one if you are at the nano / bio interface!  

I was able to give a 10 min talk, last day last slot, Saturday April 14th.  In spite of the unlucky placement, it’s such an honor.  I’d almost rather be last, because that way the sleep audience will go easier on me for questions.  I’ll try to highlight some of the people and companies that I met at the conference later.