Status: Latest Events

Research in 2018

A lot has happened in this new year of 2018.  One of them is that I went to the Biophysical Society Meeting in San Francisco!  I met a lot of great people, and my friend Gokul dragged me out to see the Golden Gate Bridge, for which I am especially grateful.  I never would have done it without him.  My  research has focused on building on my published work, moving splicing of RNA using my nanozyme into cells.  I also have a second project looking at the mechanism of how DNAzyme functionalized particles work inside cells.



Family in 2018

Meanwhile, family has been busy too.  Isaiah has continued to grow.  He started walking on his own as of Superbowl weekend, when he took his first tentative steps.  My grandmother has moved in with my parents since she can no longer live on her own, due to some mild dementia.  So, my mom is watching both her and my son Isaiah while I go to work.  It’s a lot for her to handle, but so far we are making it. 

Weekly Update

Today:  This week, I’m giving group meeting, so I am preparing for that.  I had the pleasure today of meeting and speaking with former Mirkin graduate Dr. KiBum Lee.   We students took him to lunch to Saba, a popular Italian joint at Emory Point.  I really enjoyed meeting him and hearing about his research, as there is a lot of overlap between us.  I really hope we get to collaborate one day. 

Tomorrow:  Tomorrow, I am running a gel to verify some of Kevin Yehl’s work, and prepare for some of my own.  I’m salting gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) – which means – I am making more DNAzyme-AuNP conjugates.  I am also changing the media on my cells, in preparation for my attempts at validating my splicing reporter, once I can get the plasmid from Oskar, Emory’s cloning expert.  I am also discussing a piece of literature with a member of the Heemstra lab.  We may collaborate on a new idea that Khalid and I have been cooking up.  Finally, there is subgroup meeting at 4 p.m., where I am pitching this idea, and showing latest data.  It will be a busy day.

Isaiah is also having a check-up and more shots.  On April 14th, I give a 10 min talk at the Biomaterials Society Conference in Atlanta.  More soon!

Science: Kevin Yehl Returns to Emory!

Kevin Yehl, who graduated from Khalid Salaita’s lab about 2 years ago, came back for biophysics week (Monday, March 12, 2018) to give a talk about his post-doc work in the Lu Lab at MIT.  It was amazing!  He summarized his graduate studies, then gave us a sneak peek at what he’d been up to the last two years.  It won’t disappoint.  Can’t talk about it right now though as it’s still under review.  My goal that week was to spend as much time with Kevin as possible.  He used to be my mentor or a sorts, in the lab.  I’d discuss data with him and my project was an idea of his that he never finished, and that I took under my wing.

I met him in the morning and helped him get setup with his computer for his talk.  I went to one of the subgroups he attend – the rolling motors group – which I don’t usually go to.  After the talk, I went out with him and Khalid and a collaborator.  Then, finally, I had dinner with him along with other students from around Emory.  All in all, it was a fantastically fun day because I got to spend most of it with Kevin!  I’m going to try better to keep in touch with him.