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2019, Mar-13: Yesterday, I defended my thesis and became a Ph.D.!! Here’s a post about how it feels.

2019, Feb-2: Post, stories of Isaiah and his bedtime.

2019, Jan-30: Post, about my work at Emory today getting a standard curve.

2019, Jan-26: Post, about family life and Isaiah.

2019, Jan-22:  Draft of Chapter 2 of thesis done!

2019, Jan-3:  Draft of Chapter 1 of thesis done!

2018, Oct-11: Published my second article with Physics World titled, “Decoy nanoparticles prevent HIV infection,” here.

2018, Sept-11:  Published my first article with Physics World titled, “Cloaking nanoparticles from liver cells lengthens blood circulation,” here.

2018, May-6:  Finished my first SF/fantasy novel draft ever!  96k words written over 8 years.

2018, Apr-14:  Gave a 10 min talk at Society for Biomaterials conference in ATL. More news coming soon!

2018, Mar-26:  Want to know the latest events?  See here.

2018, Mar-26:  Met Dr. KiBum Lee and heard his talk on NanoScript

2018, Feb-16-22:  Attended Biophysical Society Meeting in San Francisco

2017, Nov-21:  My paper is now online! See PubMed here or ACS Chemical Biology here!

2017, Nov-16:  My paper was accepted into ACS Chemical Biology!

2017, Nov 16:  Isaiah ate spaghetti for the first time!

2017, Nov-14:  I did my 11th gold nanoparticle synthesis!

2017, Nov-14:  Oathbringer by Sanderson finally arrives!

2017, Nov-11-12:  Christmas and birthday gifts for Isaiah are purchased!

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